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Taking You Wire to Wire!

One of the most intimidating experiences for a new fan is learning how to place their first wager and how much they must invest. Below are the types of wagers offered on certain races as well as how much they will cost. We hope this step-by-step guide makes your trip to the races a winning experience.


Know Wagers That Are Offered

Of course, the higher the payoff the more one's attention is attracted. While most newcomers don't realize, the higher the payoff, the harder it is to select the winning combination.

SHOW - This is the easiest bet to cash at any parimutuel facility. The horse you bet needs only to finish in the first, second or third position in the official order of finish. (minimum wager is $2)

PLACE - Only a slight degree more difficult to cash than show because your horse must finish in the first or second position in the official order of finish. (minimum wager is $2)

WIN - Although still a wager that requires only interested beginner's talent to cash, this is the position that all entrants in the race are shooting for, therefore, much more difficult than the above two types of bets. (minimum wager is $2)

EXOTIC WAGERS - Examples of these are the Exacta, Quinella Trifecta, Daily Double, Superfecta and Daily Triple/Pick 3. Needless to say, these wagers are all more difficult than WIN, PLACE or SHOW because they require multiple selections to finish in the proper order.

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Now that you know what type of bets you will be making you must decide how much you want to risk for the whole day. It is suggested that you separate the money you want to play with from the money you want to take home. This way, win or lose you can find the enjoyment that makes thoroughbred horse racing one of the most popular spectator sports in the world!


How To Make Your First Bet

A. Specify which track you want to wager. (please note the races starting within 30 minutes)

B. Use the drop down menu to slect your race.

C. Specify the type of wager using the second drop-down menu. (win, place, show, exacta, etc.)

D. Give your selection(s).

How To Bet Horses - Exotic Wagers 

Exotic Wagering

Check the top of your browser to find out which exotic wagers are offered each race before making your wagers.


When playing the EXACTA, you are asked to select the first and second place finishers in their exact order. There is a $2 minimum bet.

To win you must pick the first two horses to finish in either order in a single
race. (Easier than an Exacta, because either horse can finish first or second.) Minimum bet is

How to Play the Exacta

Select your race. Than begin selecting the horses you think will finish first and second, in exact order. (e.g. you can select the number one horse as your top selection and the number three horse as your pick for second.)

Put in your wager amount and click finalize.

If the official order of finish is one and three, you are a winner! backup


Exacta Box

If chosen for a $2 EXACTA box on one and three, you then receive a ticket with the combinations of both 1-3 and 3-1. If your top two picks finish first and second, in either order, YOU ARE A WINNER. It costs $4 for a two-horse box, $12 for a three-horse box and $24 to box four horses.

Exacta Wheels

If you happen to like a particular horse to finish in either first or second place, you can wheel that horse and receive a ticket giving you that horse, in either first or second place, with all the other horses in the race.

You can also make a partial wheel using a certain number of horses in either first or second.


When playing the TRIFECTA you must select the horses you think will finish first, second and third, in that order, in the TRIFECTA races. There is a minimum $2 straight bet on the TRIFECTA.

How to Play the Trifecta

Let's say you have selected the number one horse to win, the three for second and the six for third place. If the exact order of finish in the race is 1-3-6, you win!

Boxing the Trifecta

If you decide to "box" three horses in the TRIFECTA, will win if the three picks finish first, second and third, in any order.

It costs $12 to box three horses in the TRIFECTA.

KEY HORSE with three horses for second and third - $12.
KEY HORSE with four horses for second and third - $24.
KEY HORSE with five horses for second and third - $40.



Daily Double

The DAILY DOUBLE is the oldest form of multiple wager in racing. The players must correctly select the winners of two consecutive races on a single ticket.

Wheeling the Daily Double

If a handicapper really likes one horse in either half of the DAILY DOUBLE, they may wish to "wheel" their top selection.

If you want the three horse in the first half with all starters in the second half or a "$2 Daily Double Wheel on all and three" if your top choice is in the second half of the DAILY DOUBLE.


The SUPERFECTA wager is similar to the TRIFECTA. When playing the SUPERFECTA you think will finish first, second, third and fourth, in that order, in the SUPERFECTA races. There is a minimum $2 straight bet on the SUPERFECTA.


How to Play the Superfecta

Let's say you have selected the number one horse to win, the three for second, the six for third, and the five for fourth place. If the the exact order of finish in the race is 1-3-6-5, you win!

Pick 3/Daily Triple

When playing the Pick 3, you must select the winners of three consecutive races. The minimum wager is $2 which would include a single horse in each of the three races.



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