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Finding a good place online for playing the ponies is a little more difficult than you might think. Although there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites and sports books that will be happy to take your money, they often times do not offer the best available odds, too much juice built in and in many cases are not able to support big wins. Many are simply an afterthought for their main betting focus on the more traditional sports bets such as football, baseball, basketball, etc.

Horseracing is a more intimate betting situation than the traditional sports. Unlike your average football or baseball game where you pretty much have all the information you need, or are going to get, well in advance of the game being played; Horseracing can change dramatically right up to post time. Since most of the time you are betting on a combination of horses, perhaps playing a longer odds horse or even a shorter odds horse to balance your strategy, any last minute changes in the weather, scratches or numerous other variables can dramatically alter your overall strategy. Therefore, up to minute information becomes an important feature betting online.

Unlike casino gaming where you might hop from casino to casino due to the competitive nature of online casinos, with horseracing you really just need one or two places that consistently offer the best odds, allow you to place bets right up to a minute or so before post and  have a quick and easy to use online interface for placing the bets. It also needs to have live odds available to access while you are in the betting interface. Sites that are focused on Horseracing as their main "Bill of Fare" are usually your safest place to wager. They are not going to be susceptible to the "OTHER" aspects of their operation and will be safer for the big players as the money changes hands back and forth pretty fast in horseracing! With all that and more in mind, we highly recommend E-horse for your all your online horseracing needs. They have everything we just mentioned, all the popular tracks, {over 80 now}, and are well established to handle the big players too. Give them a try, you'll be glad you did.


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